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Terms & Conditions

  1. Pak Work is a registered brand in Pakistan through FBR.
  2. These Conditions of Using Our Website (the “Conditions”) govern the terms of use of the Pak Work website.
  3. We have the right to exercise the relevant intellectual property rights on the Pak Work website, including:
  •  Each of the trademarks Pak Work, Pakwork.com.pk or Pakwork.pk, and related logos;
  •   Our Business Listing Directory Database (“Database”);
  •  The design, graphics, blogs, articles, text and other content of the web pages on the Pak Work website, as well as all the web addresses associated with those web pages, which we use under license.


  1. Where any of the Pak Work Website allows you to:
  • order services and to pay for the services;
  • contact the organisations that provide these services; or bid for certain Pak Work services.
  1. We may restrict your access to certain parts of the website or cannot accept you as a Pak Work business account holder, depending on whether you have registered with us. Also, you may not be allowed to order services / pay for these services unless you register with us. We can accept or reject any registration request at our discretion.
  2. Please do not disclose your details, passwords or logins (any other piece of information) to other people because it is a part of our security procedures. We take all legal steps to prevent people from misusing the Pak Work Website and to ensure that our rights are not affected.

You are responsible for the content such as the login details and password. If your login details and/or password login without your permission, you must notify us immediately. We reserve the right to deactivate any account if, at our sole discretion, you have failed to comply with these Terms, including if your display name is in any way inappropriate.

  1. You acknowledge and agree that:
  •     You are responsible for any Pak Work account (your “Pak Work Account”) you use while on this Website and keeping the confidentiality of your password.
  • You should inform us immediately when you find that your password has become known to anyone else and it is being used in an unauthorised manner;
  • You accept all responsibility for any activities that happen at or through your Pak Work Account; you will make sure that all providing information to the website is complete and correct.
  1. We process information about you in line with our Privacy Policy By using the Pak Work Website, you must make sure that: all data you give us is true, correct and complete and let us know if it changes.

Our Responsibilities

  1. You cannot use a Pak Work Website:
  • For any illegal purpose;
  • To harm, threaten, abuse or harass other, or in a way that assaults someone’s privacy or is offensive;
  • To create, confirm, update your own or someone else’s databases, directories, customer lists, mailing or prospecting lists;
  • To provide any commercial information service;
  • In a way that determines how it is run;
  • To tamper with, change any part of the Pak Work Website;
  • To copy any kind of content of Pak Work website, or.
  • To try to interfere with how we work.
  1. You cannot use the wrong method to increase click-through counts or click for any ad.
  2. We have entitled to investigate your online activities on our Pak Work website, so that, we stop click-fraud or any similar activity. You agree to help us in these matters.
  3. We have all rights to update or modify any or all parts of the Pak Work website without telling you in advance. In changing any part of the web, we will strive to maintain the value of all the services we offer to any material degree.
  4. We may suspend your account if you indulged in these activities;

Inappropriately use the Pak Work.

  1. We are not responsible for situations that are beyond our control, for example, any action of Allah (God), fire, flood, earthquake, revolution, war, terrorist attacks, sabotage, civil war, strike, bombings, riots and epidemics.

The material provided to any Pakwork Website

  1. After posting or emailing your material on our Pakwork website, you can continue to own that material because you have the right to use your any type of material as you want but remember using copied content is unlawful.
  2. Keep in mind, the information you provide and the post will be available for public viewing on PakWork.
  • You have the option to provide good content to this website
  • Your content is not malicious and it doesn’t contain any material of obscene, hateful, disgusting, harassing and threatening.
  • Your content doesn’t promote any illegal activity. Your content is not responsible for misleading others in any way or for not matching our good name or reputation.
  • Your content does not contain any viruses or other code that could harm and affect the functioning of the Website.
  • You will not forge or delete any of the author’s attributes, designations or labels. And your content complies with our advertising policies.
  • You can’t break any laws of Pakistan.

3. We have the right to:

  • Dismiss or reject your post
  • Remove any content from the Website if it is against our Terms and Conditions.
  • Restrict or suspend your access to all or part of the Pak Work website at any time.
  • It is not our responsibility to publish any of your content.

For full details of when and how we can contact you, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Limits to our liability

You acknowledge and agree that computer and telecommunications systems also require periodic repairs, maintenance and upgrades, so they are not uninterrupted or error-free and therefore we cannot guarantee uninterrupted provision of the Pakwork. But we will make every effort to minimize any disruption or non-supply.

Under no circumstances will Pak Work Personnel or any other organization involved in creating, maintaining or distributing the Pak Work website be liable for any of the following damages or losses in which revenue, actual or anticipated profits, business, opportunity, reputation, damage to or corruption of data or software are all included in the list of losses.


You will at all times and on-demand fully compensate us and keep us fully compensated from and against any claims, threatened or made against us arising.

The Whole Agreement

The laws of Pakistan apply to the use of our PakWork website and these terms. We control the PakWork website in Pakistan. However, you can easily access our website from other places across Pakistan whether you are sitting in Azad Kashmir or Punjab. These Terms will serve as an agreement between you and us, so do not attempt to exceed these limits and no violations will be accepted here.