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In Urdu Translation:

Pakwork App aap k muqami search wajood ko frog deny or clients ko online apni tarf attract krny k liay aik important tool provide krti h. Yeah new customers tk reach krny m aap ki help krti h. Is k illawh, intutive interface aap ki business information ko immediately update krna easy bna deta h. Sign up krny k baad, aap pakwork business listing k benefits s enjoy ho skty hein.

Small business/profession owners online business listing k wajood s achi tarh waqf hein, lekin wo kisi online mein apny business ki listing k benefits s achi tarh waqaf nhi hein.

Aaj kal, app vision chlty chlty aap k account ko manage krna asaan bnata h. kush saalo mein, tqreebn tmam companies (big & small) clients ko bhtr services provide kr rhi hein or mobile app ki wajh s investment pr ziadh s ziadh mnafah dekhny m aya h.

Is liay Pakwork brand aap ko mobile or web k zariya apny customers or business/professions ko search krny k liay 2 tarh ki rsai provide krta h.

In English:

The Pakwork App provides a significant tool for boosting your local search existence and attracting clients online. It assists you in reaching out to new customers. Besides, the intuitive interface makes it easy to update your business information instantly. After signing up, you can enjoy the benefits of PakWork Business Listing.

Small business/profession owners are well aware of the existence of online business listing, but they aren’t well aware of the benefits of listing their business in an online.

Nowadays, the app version makes it easy to manage your account on the go. Over the past few years, almost all companies (large and small) have been serving clients better and seeing greater returns on investment thanks to the mobile app.

Therefore, Pakwork Brand offers you two types of access to find your customers and Businesses/professions through Mobile & Web.

Pakwork kon h?

“Pakwork aik business listing webstie/app h jo aap ko apny muqam k qareeb qareeb tmam services search krny m help provide krti h. Darasil, yeah brand aik service provide krny wala business h jo tmam registers ko dill khol kr qbool krta h chahy aap doctor ho ya engineer or aik home tutor ya aik florist waghera.

Pakwork ny aap k sath apny rabty k communication ko tqwiyat dny k liay apni website or aap ko launch kr dia h. Humry web or app 2 sides kaam krti hein jis mein aik tarf aisy log k liay h jo kisi bhi aisi service hasil krna chahty hein jaisy estate agent ya medical stores waghera jb k 2nd side us logo k liya jo koi service provide kr rhy hein.

Agar aap Pakwork web ya app ko use krny k benefits hasil krny s laa ilam hein to humein apny sath agah kry.

Pakwork ki taamer ki sb s brdi wajha providers and finders ko kahi bhi jaany k bghair aik dusry k qareeb lana h. Hum Pakwork ko use krny k saary benefits ko bayan kr rhy hein agar aap provider ya finder hein.”

Who is Pakwork?

Pakwork is a business listing website/app that helps you to find almost all services closest to your location. Actually, this Brand is a service provider business that generously accepts all registers whether you are a doctor or an engineer or a home tutor or a florist etc.

PakWork has launched its website and app to strengthen its means of communication with you. Our web and app work two siders in which one side is for such individuals who want to get any service such as Estate Agent or Medical Stores etc. while another side is for those who are providing any service.

If you are unaware of getting benefits of using Pakwork web or app, then let’s know with us.

The main reason for building PakWork is to bring providers and finders close to each other without going to go anywhere. We are describing all benefits of using Pakwork if you are a finder or provider.

Providers k liay fawaid

“Pakistan ki kul abadi 212,200,000 k lg bhg h. PTA k mutabiq smart phone use krny walo ki tadaad Pakistan ki kul abadi ka 75% h.

Is liay, aaj kal log business k maqasid k liay PC ki bjay phone pr ziadah waqt guzarty hein. Agar aap apni marketing ya earing ka plan Pakwork mobile aap  pr muntaqil krty hein to zahir h k aap k business ko mukhtlif customers k samny lay jay ga jo aap k business ki search kr rhy hein.

Lekin agar aap ko apna business account register krny k waqt koi issue h, to aap ko “How to register on Pakwork” ky topic pr aagy brhny ki zaroort ho gi.”

Benefits for Providers:

The total population of Pakistan is round about 212.2 million. The number of smartphone users is 75% of the total population of Pakistan According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

So, the reality that people nowadays spend more time on the phone than on the PC (Personal Computer) for business purposes. If you shift your marketing or earning plan to Pakwork mobile app, then evidently, your business will be exposed to numerous customers who are searching for your business.

But if you find any issue at the time of register your Business account, then you will require to move on “How to register on Pakwork” topic.

“Pakwork app k customers k bary mein aap ky business mein buht sari details lata h. Aap apny business ya service or products ya profession k bary mein apnay printing media ko istmaal krny k bjay apny customers ko buht saari information fraham kr skty hein. Aap specific customers ki trjehaat k pata laga skty hein or in ki individual needs ko poora kr skty hein. Chahy aap ka business new h ya branding, aap Pakwork ka istmal kr k apni shnakht brha skty hein.

Tmam customers ko business mein jany k liay aik way drkaar hota h jo product ya service ko frokht krta h. Agar aap ki in tk rsaai nhi h, to aap customers kho rhy hein. Is liay,  yeah app us rsahi k source k gap ko fill krti h.

Aiyah isay pictures k sath samjhty hein “agar aap profession ya business k malik hein to pakwork aap ki amdani mein kis tarh azafa krny mein help krti h.”

Pakwork app brings a lot of details to your business about your customers. You can provide a lot of information to your customers about your Business or Services and Products or professions than using a printing media. You can find out the preferences of specific customers and meet their individual needs. Whether your business is new or branding, you can enhance its identity by using the pakwork app.

All clients need a way to get to the business that sells the product or service. If you don’t have access to them, you run the risk of losing customers. So this app fills the gaps of the accessible source.

Let’s understand it with pics “How Pakwork helps to increase your revenue if you are a profession or business owner”.

business account

After registering your account, you go to your dashboard to make your Business profile more detailed able.

In which you can add your Business hours, favourite listing. Here you see a button with the name of “Nearby” to tell your location for the search of certain customers. GeoLocation is a fantastic feature of this app, which you will use it free.

Manage Service” button is incredible to add new service if you want to add new. Mostly Business listing apps don’t permit you to register your business than one to more services, but Pakwork will allow you to add more services.

To make your business more popular among others, contact us because Pakwork not running in a single city. Instead, it is providing all services in the whole of Pakistan.

“Apny account ko register krny k baad, aap apny business profile ko mazeed mufeed bnany k liay apny device board pr jay.

Jis mein aap apny business hours, favourite listing shaamil kr skty hein. Yaha aap ko kush customers ki search k liay apny place btany k liay “Nearby ” k naam s aik button nazr atta h. Geo location is App ki aik behtreen feature h, jisay aap muft istmal kry gy.

Agar aap new service shamil krna chahty hein to “Manage Service” ka button new service shamil krny k liay naqaabl yaqeen h. Ziadah tr business listing Apps aap ko apny business ko aik s ziaday services mein register krny ki permission nhi deti hein. Lekin pakwork app ko mazeed services shamil krny ki permission deta h.

Apny business ko dusro mein ziadah famous bnany k liay hum s rahta kry kuk Pakwork kisi aik city mein nhi chal rhi blk yeah poory Pakistan m tamam services provide kr rhi h.”

If one searches a mechanic in an area, then our app shows a result in front of your mobile screen as you can see the results of searches of a mechanic in this pic. Here, you will find the Business/Profession provider’s name, phone number, and email. But if you want to know more details then click on anyone on this list.

Always services or products has a purpose. For example, Woodworker is to make Furniture, but not all Woodworkers have the same features and benefits.

The uniqueness of a product or service can set it apart from the competition. Features can communicate the potential of a product or service. But features are valuable only if customers value those unique features.

It may be a little bit hard for a business to get customers if there are listed many businesses or services. So, we can solve this problem by providing the Feature Ad to give a prominent position among competitors.

“Agar koi kisi area mein mechanic mein search krta h to humari app aap k mobile screen k saamny results show krti h kuk aap is picture mein mechanic ki search k results dekh skty hein. Yaha, aap ko business/profession providers krny walo k naam, phone numbers, or emial mily gy. Lekin agar aap mazeed details janana chahty hein to is list mein majood kisi pr bhi click kry.

Humysha services ya products k aik mqsad hota h. Misaal k tor pr, woodworker ko furniture bnana h, lekin tmam woodworker mein aik jasy features nhi hein.

Kisi product ya service ki uniqueness isay muqabla s alg kr skti h. Features kisi product ya service k azafy k sath communicate kr skty hein. Lekin features sirf is soorat mein qeemti hein jb customers is uniqure features ki qdr kry.

Agar buht saary Business ya services drj hein to kisi business k liay customers ko hasal krna thora mushkal ho skta h. Is liay, hum hareefo mein prominent position hasil krny k liay feature ad ki farahm k zariyah is massly ko hal kr skty hein.”


Finders k liay fawaid

“is app ko bnany ki buyadi wajah common logo ki zaroort ko poora krna h, jaisa k is ny mazkurah bala topic “who is Pakwork” byaan kia h jis ky do rukh hein, aik business/profession farahm krny walo k liay or dusra service finder k liay.

Pakwork sirf Pakistan k liay h dusry countries k liay nhi. Aiyan hum aik example k sath samjhy agar common admi hein jo lahore mein rehta h or fridge buy krna chahta h. Lekin aap ko nhi maloom k advanced features k sath km bjt m kon sa bhtr h.”

Benefits for Finders:

The main reason of building this app is to fulfil the common people need, as it has described above topic “Who is Pakwork” that has two sides, one is for Business/profession providers and second is for service finder.

Pakwork is only for Pakistan not for other countries. Let’s us understand with an example If you are an ordinary person who lives in Lahore and wants to buy a Fridge, but you do not know which is better under the low budget with the advanced features.

Kis tarh yeah aik user ki help krta h?

“Pakwork sirf Pakistan k liay h dusry countries k liay nhi h. Aiyeah hum aik misaal k sath smjhy agar aap aik common person h jo Lahore m rhta h or fridge buy krna chahta h, lekin aap ko nhi maloom k advanced features k sath km budget m kon sa behtr h.

Aaj kal humary paas yeah decide krny k liay buht saary sources hein k kon bhtr h ya nhi, lekin hum mein s ziadah tr kisi bhi descion k liay apny relavtives, neighbours, and friend k reviews pr inhasar krty hein phir chahy yeah fridge leny ki baat h ya fridge ko repair krny ki baat h.

Lekin Pakwork App hr qisam ki service ya business hasil krny ka option introduce krwany k sath faisla krny k liay is purany tareeqy ko tor deti h.

Is liay, aap ko Pakwork k illawh kisi s apni needs k bary mein baat krny ki zaroort nhi h. Kuk yeah aik aisa qaumi plat form provide krta h jah aap apny profession or business k bary m hr cheez jaan skty ho or aik hasil kr skty ho.

Low budget waly fridge ko janany k liay, aap ko apna registration form pur krny ki zaroort nhi h lekin agar aap chahty hein to humari app ko register krny k liay aap ko “Regular Single User” ka ikhtayar provide h.”

How it helps the single user?

Pakwork is only for Pakistan not for other countries. Let’s us understand with an example If you are an ordinary person who lives in Lahore and wants to buy a Fridge, but you do not know which is better under the low budget with the advanced features.

Nowadays, we have many sources to judge who is best or not, but most of us rely on reviews from our relatives, neighbours, and friends (colleagues) to decide anything then whether it is a matter of taking a Fridge or repairing a Fridge.

But Pakwork app breaks this old method to judge with introducing an option of getting every type of service or business.

So, you don’t need to talk to anyone about your requirements except to Pakwork. Because it provides a National Platform where you can know and get everything about professions and business what you want.

To know low budget Fridge, you don’t need to fill your registration form but if you want then our App is provided you a “Regular Single User” option to register.

pakwork home page

When is done then you should go to this page to find you require whether you are a service seeker or a business finder. You type your related “keyword” and choose the category from our providing list and then click on the navigation button if you want to search automatically through the latest technology GPS but you can also use it manually.



“Jb kaam ho chuka h to aap ko is page pr jana chahiy ta k aap ko yeah maloom ho k aap service ky mutlashi ya business finder ho. Aap apna related word type kry and hamri provide krdh category ko choose kry or agar aap new technology GPS k zariyah automatically search chahty hein to navigation button pr click kry lekin aap is ko manually bhi kr skty hein.”

It holds 100 plus categories; therefore, you can find everything here. Let’s move on to the next example if you need a travel agent to book your flight plan, but you have no idea what is better and where you can get it. And you can’t go out due to any reason. Then our app will be useful for you in this regard. As you can see in the picture above, type travel agents and then select its related category “Travel & Transportation” and set location or area where you want to find it, click on Search now.


“Is mein 100 sy ziadah categories hein, is liay aap ko yaha hr cheez mil skti h. Aiyah agli example ki trf chaliy agar aap ko apny flight plan ko book krny k liay kisi Travel Agenct ki zaroort ho, lekin aap ko andazh nhi h k kon bhtr h or aap isay kaha s hasil kr skty hein. Or aap kisi wajah s bhir nhi ja skty hein. tb is silsaly mein humari App aap k liay useful sabit ho gi. Jaisa k aap upar wali picutre m dekh skty hein, Travel Agents ko type kr or phir is s mutaliqa category “Travel & Transportation” select kry or location ya area jaha aap search krna chahty ho, to Search pr click kr abhi.”

travel agents
travel agents list

The PakWork app offers you a page like this where you can read more about agents after selecting them. These features of PakWork do not end here. If you want to get a “labourer, mistri, plumber, electrician, etc.” then also our app will meet your needs.


Suppose you are going from Lahore to Karachi for the first time and your car is punctured on the way, and you do not know which is the nearest puncture shop and in which direction. Of course, this may be a disturbing situation for you, but you need not worry because Pak Work provides a category where you can find the nearest puncture shop according to your position.


“Pakwork App aap ko is tarh ka page provide krti h jaha aap agents k intkhab k baad in k baary m mazeed prh skty hein. Pakwork ka yeah feature yaha khatm nhi hoti hein. Agar aap “Mazdor, Mistri, Plumber, Electrician waghra” hasil krna chahty hein. Tb bhi humari App aap ki needs ko poora kry gi.

Farz kry k aap phli baar Lahore s Karachi ja rhy hein or aap ki car rasty mein puncture ho gai h, or aap ko maloom nhi h k qareeb tareen puncture shop kon si h or kis direction m h. Yaqeenan, yeah aap k liay preshaan kun situation ho skti h, lekin aap ko fikr krny ki zaroort nhi h kuk Pakwork  aik category krti h jaha aap apni position k mutabiq qareeb tareen puncture shop search kr skty hein.”

Note: “Pakwork aap choty business mein azafy ky liay aik chabi ki tarh h. Aap ki business listing aap ko apni reputaiton bnany, online or muqami results ko bhtr bnany mein help krti h.”

Note: Pakwork serves as a key to your small business growth.  Your business listing helps you build your reputation, improve your online visibility, and local search results.